Aaron A. Binaco 

Interdisciplinary creative, art director and designer

A short film made during our spring in quarantine while at the Weidlinger House in Cape Cod. It examines aspects of this radical house and its bucolic site. * Made in collaboration with the Cape Cod Modern House Trust

Bear Island, Maine

Bear Island sits within an archipelago of private islands off the coast of Maine in Penobscot Bay. About an hour boat ride from Camden, the island is only accessible by boat and is highly seasonal. The island is best know for being the childhood escape and lifelong retreat home of the American architect, inventor, designer and futurist Buckminster Fuller. On the island among the many small seasonal homes belonging to the Fuller family lay two original dome prototypes. Up island sits the first full size Tensegrity dome - a structure design and build by Fuller in the late 70s. Closer to the farm house is a prototype dome by Jay Baldwin—commissioned by Fuller in the late 60s. Read more about Bear Island in this New Yorker article from 1996, here.

Breuer Card Table

The grave of Marcel Breuer reads,

Marcel Breuer broke his knee, entirely by his own stupidity.

Breuer is buried along side his summer house. Inside there are a group of tables made from cinderblocks and slabs of slate—for playing cards, sketching and summer lunches. Other unique pieces built by the Breuer family sit along side the tables as well as early prototypes.


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