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Cape Cod Compass 

The Cape Cod Compass is an evolving project dedicated to exploring art, science and design within coastal communites. Stay tuned and follow along @capecodcompass

Pleurotus  2020

[ Pleurotus ] Blue Oyster Mushrooms grown May 2020

Weidlinger  2020

Sunday April 19, 2020—month two of quarantine. 

Newport  *archive  

Biosphere 2  2019

From a brief visit to Biosphere 2 in Oracle, AZ. Read about the project.

aabb 2019

aabb is a collaborative design project. Our first combined effort is the Dona Chair, or Chair 01. We based the design off a traditional shaker chair and were very influenced by the introduction of new production techniques. The chair was launched at Design Week 2019 in New York. More here.

Dune Shack Detail 2019

Casa Pedregal 2020

Restorations at Luis Barragán’s Casa Pedregal, an active and lived in private home—on the outskirts of Mexico City.

Hatch Interior 2018

Facing West at sunset—from an on-going project at the Hatch House.

Oregon 82 2019

Eastern Oregon, while directing a piece about re-establishing migratory patterns of herbavores to promote the use of cover crops and assisting environmental health. See the film here.

Praying Mantis 2017

Breuer Card Table 2018

The grave of Marcel Breuer reads,

Marcel Breuer broke his knee, entirely by his own stupidity.

Breuer is buried along side his summer house. Inside there are a group of tables made from cinderblocks and slabs of slate—for playing cards, sketching and summer lunches. Other unique pieces built by the Breuer family sit along side the tables.

Weidlinger in Spring  2019

Rain at the Weidlinger House in late Spring.

Gila Cliff Dwellings  2019

In the south west corner of New Mexico, just outside Silver City, I visited the Gila Cliff Dwellings. The dwellings consist of 46 rooms carved into already existing natural caves. It’s believed the Mogollon People inhabited the caves from 1275 into the early 14th century, but unclear why they were abandon—Hopi oral history speaks of forced migrations in response to environmental changes.

Atlas Detail  2017

Apple Harvest  2019

Apple Harvest, Shoreham Vermont. Watch the film

Caning Detail  2017

Fullers Bear Island  2018

Bear Island sits within an archipelago of private islands off the coast of Maine in Penobscot Bay. About an hour boat ride from Camden, the island is only accessible by boat and is highly seasonal. The island is best know for being the childhood escape and lifelong retreat home of the American architect, inventor, designer and futurist Buckminster Fuller. On the island among the many small seasonal homes belonging to the Fuller family lay two original dome prototypes. Up island sits the first full size Tensegrity dome - a structure design and build by Fuller in the late 70s. Closer to the farm house is a prototype dome by Jay Baldwin—commissioned by Fuller in the late 60s. Read more about Bear Island in this New Yorker article from 1996, here.

Table Top Variations  2018 - 2019

I built the table at my former Mott St. apartment from a single piece of half-inch plywood, four one and ¾ inch ash legs and painted it white. It has a five-inch skirt with a bottom for storage. The top is hinged on the sides and opens from the center. Inside sat an assortment of rocks from my collection, as well as additional dishware for hosting. The table lived in the kitchen along side two windows that face east. Outside of the windows, there is little to no obstruction—sunlight pours in all day long. And thanks to a large hotel just southeast of the apartment, a incident reflection would push the sunset back through the windows at the end of the day. 

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